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Young Independence

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A criticism often levelled at politics is that it is populated by out of date politicians with ideas and policies that do not resonate and connect with the younger members of the electorate.

To address this has been a challenge that UKIP have taken very seriously as it is acknowledged that the pool of talent and enthusiasm within the younger population is essential to our growth and sustainability as a major political party.

On this page you will see the profiles and contact details of those who lead our youth wing.

The Young Independence ( YI ) are UKIP's future. They are also the future of our nation; amongst their members will be our future Branch Chairman, Party Leader and, who knows, our future Prime Minister.

If you would like to join, support or contribute to this valued section of our party, please use the contact details below.

Luigi Murton, YI Eastern Regional Chairman:

My name is Luigi Murton and I am the chairman of Young Independence Eastern Region. I have been a member of UKIP since January 2014 and have enjoyed every bit of it so far. In my previous terms of chairman of YI Eastern, I have achieved a great deal. I have helped setup action days and I believe I have co-operated well with local branches to help raise awareness of YI. I have also appeared on International TV as well as receiving a front page news feature article in the local paper. I want to take UKIP to bigger and better places and YI is the future of the party. I am dedicated and want to help all young members of UKIP, whether it be advising them or supporting them in their campaigns. I am always around to help and would love to get to know as many YI members as possible. 07411278722

Matty Hannay (YI Norfolk Chairman):

Hi everyone, I'm Matthew Hannay and I'm the new YI County Chairman for Norfolk. I'm also Vice Chairman of my local branch North West Norfolk. During the referendum I was with vote.leave, I volunteered to be the North West Norfolk Constituency Coordinator and organised various leafleting days and street stalls within the constituency and got around 20-25 committed volunteers distributing leaflets across the constituency up until the day of the referendum. I also took part in my first ever public debate within the constituency which was hosted by the local media and received a heap of praise for my performance from both Leave and Remain voters. I will look to attract more young people in Norfolk into the party and YI and offer as much support and assistance to campaigning for any YI members in Norfolk who will be standing at next years county council elections. 07585110995.